WhatsApp UPI based Payment Feature : Available for Indian Users

WhatsApp UPI based Payment Feature : Available for Indian Users

Finally, WhatsApp has launched UPI (Unified Payment Interface) base payment feature in WhatsApp application itself. Now, wait is over for feature of doing payment via directly WhatsApp. You can easily send money to your friends and other person instantly via WhatsApp payment. To enable this option on your mobile you need to setup payment method on WhatsApp. So, let’s see how to setup Payment method on whatsapp.

As you can find Three Dots on Right Top corner of WhatsApp click on that and you can see there is a PAYMENT Option is given. Simply go There and follow below steps for complete setup.

How to setup WhatsApp Payment Method??

  1. Click on payment Option
  2. Select You bank
  3. Verify you bank account with your registered number
  4. Send money




Now, Let’s see this step in detail information

1. Click on payment Option

First click on Payment option and go into this where you can find option to Add Bank account. In this tab there are many banks listed which is allows for WhatsApp UPI payment methods. If you can’t find your respective bank then don’t worry you need to select another bank only. Because some of banks are not allowed for Payment.
Select You bank

Now, kindly select your respective bank a click on continue button where if will do process for bank account verification using your registered mobile number.

2. Verify you bank account with your registered number

To enable WhatsApp payment method, you need to verify you bank account via your registered mobile number. Click on Verify button it will takes a few times to verify number. They automatically send message for Bank account verification you just need to follow these steps.
There are some criteria to use this method of Payment. You need to Registered your mobile number on WhatsApp which mobile number is registered with your bank only. You can’t Enable this method of payment if your number is not registered with your bank.

3. Send Money

After complete this above setup you can send money to your friends and other people by following steps.

  • Go Chatbox of you want payment for
  • Click on attachment link where you can find Payment option
  • Click on Payment option
  • Write Amount and comment
  • Click on Send Button.




Tip: You can use this feature in WhatsApp Groups also.

Hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any doubt then write comment bellow and share your suggestions and opinions about post.

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