What are the important things is mandatory when we generate barcode??

What are the important things is mandatory when we generate barcode??

When we think about to generate new barcode for our product or anything else, we need to know about some mandatory limitations of generating a new barcode because every different barcode having different rules and limitation. So, what are the limitations for generate a barcode let’s see below.

There are some important things we need to follow for generate barcode. Let's see what is it.

Limitations and Rule for generate barcode:


When you want generate Code128 barcode you need to know about what are the criteria, limitations, and what type of characters is allowed.
Code128 allows maximum 50 characters to store any information along with all ASCII values. You can simply store all types of characters like Uppercase, Lowercase, Special characters, and numbers. There is no any type of limitations for this particular barcode type.


It is mostly used barcode type in whole world to identify a product. It has some limitations to generate a barcode that is you need to store only Uppercase letters, special characters and numbers. This barcode doesn’t allow Lowercase letters and, in this barcode, we can store maximum 50 characters as code128.


Code11 is used to define any product code or product id which includes only numbers because it has limitations to having only number it can’t allow any other characters to generate a barcode. It has same length as Code128 and code39 that is 50 characters.

UPC Code

In this code we can say extra ordinary code because it has a limitation to store any value with exact character length that is 11 characters. It allows all ASCII value to store any information but it allows exact 11 characters not one less or more that is a mandatory thing we need to know about it.

There are two type of UPCcode:

  1. UPCA
  2. UPCE

In both case we can store exact 11 characters but both are used in different places so please make sure which code you want to generate.

EAN Code

It is same as UPC code but it allows exact 12 or 13 characters as base on which type of code u want to generate. In this code allows all ASCII value there is no any limitations to store limited characters.

So, this is what type of limitations we need to know about for generate a barcode.

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