Learn how to track your family members using find my device (google app)

Learn how to track your family members using find my device (google app)

Why to use another apps when Google provides you best services...! hello there, i am here to talking about find my device app which is provided by google.so many of you have probably heard or know this app but still much of people don't know about this app.

Find My Device is an application and service provided by Google to remotely trace and locate android devices such as phones, tablets and watches using a map.

So let's talk about how to use this app?

before use any kind of google services you must have an account of goolge , hope you already have one

and now fun begins from here if you want to track someone you first need to log in with the same email id in victim's phone after done it,

just use the app from your phone ,and then you will see number of devices you have entered same email id, to those phones that's it. Select that mobile which you want to track and you will have all you wanted

 what are the features of this app??

  • you can track.
  • you can ring the mobile.
  • you can lock the device {if mobile is not locked}.
  • you can type a msg with mobile number.
  • you can keep safe your family members by using this app.


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