What are the feature of realme smart tv ?

What are the feature of realme smart tv ?

Realme entered the Indian market in May 2018 as a relative unknown, then marketed as a sub-brand of its far more established parent Oppo. In two short years, the corporate has separated its brand identity from Oppo and established itself as a key player within the Indian smartphone market because of good products and competitive pricing. the corporate is now looking elsewhere for growth, including the favored and rapidly expanding smart television segment.

After months of chatter and rumours, the company's first smart televisions are finally here. Priced at Rs 12,999 onwards, the Realme Smart TV series takes on the entry level smart television segment with models at two of the foremost popular sizes for flat-panel TVs in India - 32 inches and 43 inches. We received the Android TV-powered 43-inch Realme Smart TV for review; read on to seek out out everything there's to grasp about this fresh affordable smart TV.

Realme Smart TV design and specifications

Despite all the marketing hype and publicity, the Realme Smart TV is fairly ordinary compared to other options in its price segment. that may not a foul thing, of course; this LED television sticks to the fundamentals and tries to supply the maximum amount because it can at a smart price. While the more cost-effective 32-inch variant costs Rs. 12,999, we had the 43-inch variant for review, which is priced at Rs. 21,999.

Apart from the plain difference in screen size, the costlier variant also encompasses a higher resolution. While the 32-inch Realme Smart TV has an HD-ready (1366x768-pixel) screen, the 43-inch option encompasses a full-HD (1920x1080-pixel) panel. the remainder of the specifications are identical across the 2 variants, so users viewing the 32-inch model thanks to size constraints haven't got to stress about losing out on other key features and capabilities.

The Realme Smart TV feels like just about the other TV in its price segment, with slim borders on three sides of the screen and a rather thicker chin. At the centre below the screen may be a Realme logo, with atiny low module just under that for the IR receiver and a standing light. The TV is neither very slim nor too thick, and encompasses a plain black plastic back. There are two speaker sets near the corners that fireplace downwards, for a rated total output of 24W. Each set consists of 1 full-range driver and a tweeter.

Included within the sales package are stands to table-mount the Realme Smart TV, and installation is straightforward enough if you've got a screwdriver reception. The 43-inch variant weighs just 6.7kg without the stands, and was easy enough to assemble and install ourselves. The TV will be persevered a wall because it has standard VESA sockets. However the wall bracket is an optional extra that you will should purchase separately. Realme told Gadgets 360 that its service technicians can sell you one and set it up at the time of installation.

Despite being an entry-level smart television, the Realme Smart TV is fairly well equipped when it involves ports and inputs. You get three HDMI ports (one facing to the left and two facing down), two USB ports (one facing left and one facing down), a LAN port, an antenna socket, a digital audio out RCA port, a single 3.5mm AV connector, and a 3.5mm jack to attach wired headphones or speakers. Although it's not mentioned within the specifications, HDMI-ARC is supported on the HDMI 1 port.

The Realme Smart TV encompasses a brightness rating of 400 nits and a customary refresh rate of 60Hz. Powering the tv may be a MediaTek MSD6683 processor, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage for apps and app data. the tv does in fact support Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity further.

Interestingly, the Realme Smart TV may be a rare case of an HDR-capable television that does not have a 4K screen resolution. It claims to support HDR up to the HDR10 format; a rarity during this segment. We've explored the particular usefulness of this later in our review, but it's a stimulating specification to notice.

Realme Smart TV remote and features

We're wont to seeing lots of design innovation in remotes nowadays, as manufacturers look to supply minimalist controllers that are focused on smart functionality. The Realme Smart TV isn't any different, and also the remote is a stimulating one to appear at. It's compact and designed to feel bottom-heavy, with the Realme logo before and a particular yellow ring round the D-pad. you will need two AAA batteries to power this remote, which are included with the TV.

All the important buttons are present, including volume, mute, direction controls, Android TV navigation, Google Assistant, and source selection. There also are hotkeys for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, which we've now began to appreciate having on televisions. Pairing the remote is straightforward enough. The IR emitter is employed to regulate power, and once paired, all other functions can work using Bluetooth even without an on the spot line of sight.

While most functions on the remote worked fine, we found that the Settings button didn't do anyt

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