Remove China Apps : Indian Engineer made this app to help users remove made in china app

Remove China Apps : Indian Engineer made this app to help users remove made in china app

After the giant social media battle between YouTube and Tiktok, a new app has gained popularity among netizens coming forward to boycott “All things Chinese”. 

The new _‘Swadeshi’_ movement has inspired a Jaipur based Indian startup called One Touch Applabs to create an app called the ‘Remove China Apps’, which is available on Google Playstore.

The app rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on the mobile appstore identifies all chinese mobile applications. Over 1 lakh people have already downloaded the app which facilitates removal of chinese apps detected in one’s smart phone.

The app when downloaded, scans all applications in the user’s smartphone and lists out chinese apps which the user can then delete from the phone. Meanwhile, Tiktok’s ratings on the Google Playstore, which had dropped down to 1.2 stars after the brawl, has now gone up to 4.4 after Google passively helped improve the average rating of the app. The YouTube star Ajey Nagar a.k.a Carryminati’s advocacy for the content creation platform had earlier taken a toll on the Chinese video-sharing social networking service.

A set of Indian engineers have developed an app that detects apps made in china and given a very simple UI to remove them.

In a span of 2 hours Remove China Apps the apps got 5300+ reviews. Considering the exponential growth in play store reviews, TDH team told that 20,000+ app installations are happening every 3 minutes.

How to use Remove China Apps ?

1. Download Remove china apps from play store

2. Open the Apps after installation

3. Click “scan china apps”

4. Click on bin icon in the right to remove the specific app


It’s viral on Twitter ?

More than 58,000 tweets have been made with the hashtag #BoycottMadeInChina. A good percentage of users have been sharing the screenshot of having no china apps on their phones and considered to go in trending.

Why apps made in china aren’t trusted ?

1. China sensors anti china, anti platform videos

Unlike youtube apps which allows any critic videos, Apps like TikTok doesn’t give any reach to anti TikTok videos. It’s called censoring and china has been famous for that.

2. Government of china can access any information about users 24×7

The government of China has regulations with every private, public firm, and access to their centralized database. The government can search, filter, or aggregate data on mass scale which makes it a national issue. US Government has banned any TikTok usage in government authority and in their family for the same reason.

3. Unclear Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

Apps like TikTok, face swap, and many popular apps have ambiguous privacy policies, terms, and condition pages which makes these apps go in list of shady apps.

Who developed the “Remove China Apps” app ?

A set of engineers from Jaipur, India with a group named onetouchapplabs has developed this app.

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