How to use postman for api ??

How to use postman for api ??

To use postman for api you need to download or setup postman desktop app from their official website It is used to enhance api result for work with api easily without any  error or problems.

what is postman ??

Postman is a Google Chrome app for interacting with HTTP APIs. It presents you with a friendly GUI for constructing requests and reading responses. The people behind Postman also offer an add-on package called Jetpacks, which includes some automation tools and, most crucially, a Javascript testing library.    

Now, let's see how to use postman for api.
Step 1: Open postman native app.

Step 2: Create a new workspace using new button (top left corner)

Step 3: Select method of api request i.e. GET, POST,UPDATE, DELETE

Step 4: Copy your api and paste in into request box.

Step 5: Now, you are ready to send request for that particular api. press send button.
When you press send button it send request to that api and display result comes through api. Now, what to do ?    
If you want some changes in your api request you can do easily. There are many tabs given in workspace like Params, Authorization, Headers, Body, etc. You can change property for query parameter from that particular tab. you also do changes in header whatever you want.
Also, you can see displayed results in multiple view like HTML, XML, TEXT, etc. If you want to check your api status that is show like "Status: 200 ok" that means your api will execute successfully. and it is also show size of data which is displayed.
The great thing is you can also get direct code in different languages like PHP, C#, JAVA, PYTHON, NODEJS, etc for use in your project with different formate. To do that Click on code link(orange) right side of middle.    
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