Top 5 database technology in 2020

Top 5 database technology in 2020

Where we are thinking about developing a website the one thing always reminding that what about database. Which is the best, secure and reliable database for our website. So, are you looking to know about which database is on top position? Don’t worry this article will definitely helpful to you.

The below list is shows us which are the top 5 databases are in year 2020 for develop store data of the websites.

There are top five databases mention below

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MongoDb

Let’s get detailed information about this database

1.    MySQL

It is open-source and world’s most popular relation database. This database is on first position compare to other database because it’s proved performance quality, reliability and ease-of-use for every person who know only little-bit about MYSQL.

2.    PostgreSQL

It is same as MYSQL database. It is open source relational database. And it extends the SQL language combine with many features and store any data safely. It has strong reputation for that architecture, reliability, data integrity, extensibility for every database.

3.     Microsoft SQL Server

It is relation database management system developed by Microsoft itself. It has a primary function for storing and retrieving data from the database servers. It is an embedded database engine. 

4.    SQLite

It is compact, zero administration and self-contained database management system. It has a library to manage database servers. Mostly is is used for android operating system and php programming languages.

5.    MongoDb

It is cross platform document-oriented database engine. It is use like Json documents with optional scheme. It is used for creating an mordan apps  because it is costly to handle.

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