World environment Day !

World environment Day !

A word "World environment day" sounds like cool. It's amazing that we got all the things from environment or nature like everything i.e. to eat food, to breathe air, to drink water, everything is come from environment and today is that day. So, let's thank to nature and make this environment day special, it's time for nature.

World environment day is a day for taking action for environment or nature together. Since 1974, every year 5th of June we are celebrating this day as world environment day.
Today we have seen from last few months nature will disagree our action because we are giving pain to our nature by doing wrong activity against nature's assets. As per example we experience a few day ago in Kerala elephant death doing by a human using crackers. it's a crucial thing without having humanity. So, please stop doing like this crucial activity on this earth.

From few months we also experienced about cyclone, corona virus and many more new problems comes day by day. this problem comes because nature having a pain and it can't take this type of pain so, it returns to you back.The main objectives of the day are celebrated to raise awareness and remind people that they have a role to play in preventing biodiversity loss and preserving nature for the future.

The Day is celebrated in over 100 countries and every year new issues are taken up by governments, businesses, communities, NGOs and celebrities to promote environmental causes.

This year, World Environment Day is celebrated by millions of people in over 100 countries and has become one of the most important international events in the global environmental calendar. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the European Union are committed to promoting global environmental awareness and action. Over the years, it has become a global public relations platform, with 143 countries participating each year.

For nearly five decades, World Environment Day has raised awareness, supported action and driven change for the environment. Held annually since 1974, the day has also become a global platform for raising awareness and action on environmental issues such as climate change, energy, water, food, health, education and health care. World Environment Day is an international day of action to promote global awareness and action for our environment, focusing on the role of human interaction in the environment and its impact on human health.

Today let's start a new day with awareness without doing wrong activity against nature together. because This #timefornature.

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