Whatsapp Update: Login Up to Four devices using one Number

Whatsapp Update: Login Up to Four devices using one Number

Recently Whatsapp announced in there blogs that they are working on new update of whatapp application for both Iphone and Android users. They also told what are the next features will be include in next upcoming update. Whatsapp also starts testings for beta use of new upcoming update of whatsapp application.

Among it’s latest update, whatsapp has working on latest update of login upto four mobile using one contact number. Another powerfull new update is revealed in next whatsapp update. Now more features have been added to latest update. But it’s not all good news—there’s a problem under the surface that looks set to become more of an issue this year.

WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted—and there are no backdoors in that security. The stories you occasionally read about hackers attempting to access WhatsApp accounts relate to endpoint compromise, the vulnerability is your phone where you store your decrypted messages, not WhatsApp itself or the transportation as your messages are sent across the network.

What is not encrypted, though, is the data around those messages: Who you message, when, how often. This data can be recorded and can, in principle, be provided to law enforcement. That is not the same as your messages or attached media. Until it’s decrypted on a recipient device, that can’t be accessed. Only you and the recipient hold the encryption keys, WhatsApp doesn’t hold a copy.

WhatsApp provides information on how law enforcement can request access to this metadata, saying it will “review, validate and respond to law enforcement requests based on applicable law and policy,” but that it “does not store messages once they are delivered or transaction logs of such delivered messages.”

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